Collaborative transformation of organisation

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Client Question

The commercial organization is headed by new leadership. Commerce needs to step up in playing their systemic role within NS in order to adapt to growing number of passengers and fullfilling the required growth of margin. The commercial organization should be integrated with the IT department based on three themes: Focus, Agility and Ownership. Lead the change.

Design Challenge

How might we become a high performing and adaptive organization in order to achieve the business goals effectively and grow the employee engagement?


Operating organization working in a systemic and result-oriented structure in order to deliver a meaningful journey in a context of evolving traveller needs. 500 FTE, € 2,5B revenue, 90 teams, commerce and IT fully integrated into one delivery organization. 


Collaborative transformation: based on the Music Thinking approach, we co-created and implemented the new organization iteratively. We lived in five iterations: research, design, validation, preparation and adoption. In all iterations we worked with different organisational dynamics. We lead the change in close co-operation and co-creation with teams of NS and other consultants. The approach was highly effective because we facilitated all members to embrace cooperative transformation in an open and transparant worksphere.

Visual overview of the four phases


Visual overview of concept design phase



By facilitating team formation for and by employees, Faebric mobilised the whole organisation. They were able to construct NS in a NS way, but at the same time completely different. Fæbric has a unique mix of skills. Each of them is a unique person that is the best in their field.   
- Ivo Steffens, Director Commerce

Working with Fæbric drives a radical rethinking process. People are triggered and activated to participate. The sessions are always very well prepared. They can set the stage in the beginning of a session and get people onboard, even if those people enter the session dug in deep.  
- Martijn Plas, Manager IT

Play to Change


To prototype the concept design, each (new) team, represented by a few people, took part in a six-week prototyping trajectory. In the second week of this trajectory, they prototyped their team with use of Lego Serious Play©.  The outcomes of the sessions were documented on the team’s Sharepoint pages. In this way, also other teams or interested people could follow the activity of the prototyping teams.  

Key elements

Co-creation, Music Thinking, Play to Change, Iterations, Organization Design, 

Journey Operations

The Faebric network

NS ComIT Team

With a team of six people we worked on this project. Each within their own expertise. 

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