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Fæbric perspective

How to navigate propositions?

Shifting to validating fast and often

In the area of proposition development, “Fail fast and fail often” is a slogan that is often vocalized. Many times, it is actually fail late or do not fail.


Proposition Development Map
The EMPATHY focused map

There are many routes to take in order to develop a proposition. But what are these routes and how are the different activities linked? 

Fæbric perspective

Collaboration for resilience

Shaping coalitions

The best thing a company can do right now is trying to become as resilient as possible to be able to deal with the worst and what might be ‘the new normal’.


Data Platform Strategy

How might we introduce the information platform to the market and accelerate the creation of new propositions and services?

Fæbric perspective

How to act in uncertain times?
The five attributes of a dynamic strategy

What do you do when you feel your playing field is changing? How do you act on factors that influence your business? Which strategy do you pick?


Strategy Development Map
The PERSONALITY focused map

There are multiple steps to take in order to develop a strategy. But what are these steps and how are the different activities linked?


NS (Dutch Railways)
Collaborative transformation

How might we become a high performing and adaptive organisation in order to achieve the business goals and grow the employee engagement?