We are Fæbric: facilitators of change through collaboration and design

We help leaders, teams and organisations to interpret and to act upon the signs of the time. We do this through collaborative transformation.



How we operate

We bring our expertise in leadership, strategy, design and technology, to deliver value by approaching challenges and solutions in new ways.

We take an aerial perspective across industries and society, to identify opportunities in undiscovered patterns, connections and structures to envision the future of business and technology. With a strong understanding of collaboration, learning and engagement, we facilitate you to perform your potential.

Signs of the time that might need interpretation and translation in your context

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Our collaborative transformation approach

We approach challenges and solutions with the six cues based on the music thinking framework. The cues are starting points of interventions and collaboration. 



This cue is all about creativity, ideas and information; listening and collecting data from all kinds of sources.


The people-centred cue to see with the eyes of your customer, empathise with them and search for insights that matter.


The cue to work from the heart of your organisation; from your why and brand values to the holding space you provide for your stakeholders.


The cue to visualise your decisions in the way that everyone has a ‘lead sheet’ of how to operate.


The cue to decide how to work together in which constellations and when to do what.


The cue to getting it all together under the given circumstances based on the other cues.

We explore, work, share and learn in a cooperative of professionals



The four members of Faebric

The friends and collaborators that complement the cooperative of professionals

Lisette Leufthink | Norbert Zoet | Louise Molholt  | Xenia Zürn | Saskia Kloostra | Marlies Hendriks | Christiaan Snabel | Ben Wickham | Iris Cremers | Arosha Brouwer | Loeke Ruijter

A selection of our clients


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