Oded Arama

Oded Arama: designer with a passion for shoes


Minimalist and fragile design from Berlin

Theresa Brar

Jewellery from Indian inspiration and a creative mind


Can’t get enough ‘stache? Young designer Mathias Lempart has plenty of beards and shares them in his first collection.

Jennifer Dyer

A girl with a clear view on her fashion-future

Tanja Kari

Tanja Kari is a pensive young fashion designer dealing with all the in-betweens in life

Noon by Noor

Two young designers from Bahrain who design by combining traditional and modern aspects

Chloe Despos

An incredibly talented young fashion illustrator from Chicago

FEJ Clothes

Independent T-shirt label from Malmö

four times two minutes reality

A Tango inspired collection by Lotta Meyer

Patrick Braun

Patrick Braun: Arts or Fashion?

Nam Nguyen

A high school student on his way into the fashion industry