Mies Nobis

Jewellery inspired by the remains of animals

Theresa Brar

Jewellery from Indian inspiration and a creative mind

Lara Knutson

Jewellery, ceramics, furniture, fabric, carpet, lighting: Lara Knutson has many design talents

Jagger Edge

Fashionable gadget accessories from L. A.

Pájaro Limón

Two sisters from Colombia have many addicted to their designs

Mimi Vert

Many career opportunities, one dream

Fernando Akasaka

Jewellery design by a citizen of the world

Shlomit Migay – Jewellery Photoshoot

A beautiful new project by make-up & hair artist and stylist Shlomit

AIFW: Bibi van der Velden

The jewellery designer and sculptor in an interview with FÆBRIC’s Sarah