Rhian Owen

Graduation Collection

Mies Nobis

Jewellery inspired by the remains of animals

Theresa Brar

Jewellery from Indian inspiration and a creative mind

Vincent Licari: Hometown Couture

Big Fashion, Small City

Lara Knutson

Jewellery, ceramics, furniture, fabric, carpet, lighting: Lara Knutson has many design talents

Jennifer Dyer

A girl with a clear view on her fashion-future

Tanja Kari

Tanja Kari is a pensive young fashion designer dealing with all the in-betweens in life

Noon by Noor

Two young designers from Bahrain who design by combining traditional and modern aspects

Sandra Backlund

This Swedish designer combines sculpural 3D design and knitwear

Hien Le AW 11/12

A cinematic collection for women and men

Natalia Weimann

A young label founder about well-designed plus size fashion

Pájaro Limón

Two sisters from Colombia have many addicted to their designs

Eliza Schwarz

A self-taught fashion creator and her outstanding hoodies

Kang Jin Young

O’2nd 2011 Collection: Where is Your Inner Princess?

Camilo Alvarez

Clean and urban avant-garde from Colombia

Lena Hasibether AW 11/12

never get out of cork


A young fashion talent on her way to success

Sarah Wesel

Fashion on the edge of art

Katharina Czemper – Summer 2011

Katharina, founder of Sunday Evening Enterprise, presents her new collection


Between high aims and reality

barre noire

A young label that was founded spontaneously

Lena Hasibether

Trust yourself. An interview about life, work and Bielefeld

Mimi Vert

Many career opportunities, one dream

Fernando Akasaka

Jewellery design by a citizen of the world

Fay Alice

The balance of fragility and strength, loss and advantage.

Serhat Isik

Sensitive, conceptual, experimental. Serhat Isik about fashion and school


A label that loves to make mistakes

Hien Le

Interview with a young guy from Berlin who finally does what he does best: Designing

My job at CPH Fashion Week

Sometimes it’s great to miss a wonderful show

Lotta Meyer

From childhood dreams to big plans