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bless shop berlin

True fashion addicts try to spend as much time as possible in stores, checking out the latest clothes and just enjoying the feeling of being there. Now I have heard about a girl called Mira, who really, really, really spends as much time as possible in a shop. Because she actually lives in it.

Bless has moved their Berlin shop into a regular apartment in a regular neighborhood, and Mira is the permanent resident there. I talked to her to see how it is to live in a shop.

bless shop berlin

Hi Mira, all I know so far is that the Bless shop has moved into an apartment in East Berlin. Can you tell me more about that concept?
The idea of moving the new BLESS Shop into a private apartment grew with time. The work of BLESS is evolving around the things we have and see around us every day. In addition to clothing, BLESS is manifest in various products, furniture, accessories, and so we decided to create a BLESS home, which is more than a shop.

How did you become the resident there?
The first time I got in contact with BLESS was while studying exhibition design and curation at Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe. Part of my studies included product design, which was supervised by BLESS.

bless shop berlin

From the beginning, it was fantastic to work with them. We collaborated well. During our final talk about my last project at university, they asked me to help out at their fashion show in Paris, which I now have done twice so far. Since March this year, I have also been the resident of the new BLESS apartment.

Do you really live there? Like, with your personal stuff and everything?
Yes, I live there. But I have also integrated some of my personal things into the home. I now live in a nice mixture of personal belongings and BLESS products.

Living in a shop is many people’s childhood dream. How is it in real life?
Living in the BLESS Shop is now my real life. It is my home, and so I organize the BLESS things the same way I would anywhere else – in a way that I feel comfortable with. That is part of the concept of the shop: Whoever lives there creates his or her own home. Thus the shop develops and changes with the person who lives there.

I read about the Bed & Breakfast plans – what is that about?
For the future we are planning to open up the apartment for guests who visit Berlin. This way they can have their own home– their own Bless home – in Berlin.

Thank you!

bless shop berlin
bless shop berlin
bless shop berlin
bless shop berlin

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