The Berlin based fashion label JuliaandBen of Julia Heuse and Ben Klunker is a mens- and womenswear avant-garde label from Berlin Mitte.

When graduating in 2006 at the well known, international and Berlin based fashion school Esmod, both founded JuliaandBen in Ben’s former gallery. The design duo mixes conceptual and commercial, the style reaches from classic to avant-garde. Usually they work with materials like cotton, linen, wool or silk and create their very own JuliaandBen look with treating the fabrics in many different ways. The typically impression of JuliaandBen clothes are pieces that mostly look very fine but at the same time raw and destroyed.

The designers work with different dying and batik techniques, with washing and bleaching to create the puristic and morbid JuliaandBen character. They spray onto the fabrics or let them rust to create a unique surface texture. Both say the house, in which their atelier is placed, is one of the main inspirations of JuliaandBen’s unique fabric structures. The different stadiums of destruction and the surface of the building influences them in handling the materials. But not only the materials, but also their cuts, mostly oversized, and their definite shapes are from my point of view very beautiful to see.

The spring/summer collection 2012 with the title „Faserland“ also shows the typically JuliaandBen signature. Their trip to Bali this spring has been their main source of inspiration. This is shown in the fabrics and coloring of the collection. Basically, „Faserland“ is held in earth tones but a few colorful pieces set highlights.

Quite recently JuliaandBen opened a new flagship-store in Berlin’s Gormannstrasse 23. It’s nice to see that the store reflects the raw and minimalist look of their clothes. It is worth it coming around! And if you cannot make it, visit their online shop to buy a JuliaandBen piece and with that a piece of Berlin.