Madelaine Knaack

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Madelaine is a 21 year old fashion design student at the JAK academy in Hamburg. She is in her 4th semester and decided to study fashion design because she loves the fast pace and the diversity of the fashion world.

Madelaine has her own blog called ROE, where she publishes her latest creations. For her, it is a great chance to share her ideas and present her work to a broader audience, and she puts quite a lot of work into it. All clothes are presented in photo shootings, with help from her friend and photographer Sarah-Denise.

Madelaine Knaack
Madelaine Knaack
Madelaine Knaack
Madelaine Knaack


  1. Anja30/03/2011

    I adore the first dress and would love to get my hands on it!!

  2. Julianna04/04/2011

    LOVE these images! Beautiful!

  3. Suika06/04/2011

    These photos

  4. Suika06/04/2011

    *These photos are awesome :)