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FEJ Clothes
FEJ Clothes

The last days were pretty sunny and it seems that spring is already approaching. That’s why I want to present some aestival lightly clothes that fit in perfectly in the peak time of the year, summer. So if you are looking for new aestival clothing to spend your money on, check out the T-shirt label FejClothes. It’s an independent tee label based in Malmö and run by Frida Lilja, Elin Lilja and Josefine Carlsson. FejClothes stands for colourful handmade tees with playful screen printed motives for boys and girls. Every piece is unique cause all editions are limited.

Your label is a relatively new label, when and how did everything started with FejClothes?

Everything started about three years ago when the three of us took part in a design course in Malmö. Elin also attended a textile course where she did screen print and gained the basic skills for it. The label started with some robot illustrations from our artist brother that we wanted to try to print.
And more exactly it was after some days in Berlin that summer 2008 when we started to hang out together. At that time we decided to start a tee label. Back in Malmö we bought a lot of neon textile colours and then we were hooked.

I love these fine colourful had scribbled motives of your shirts, when and how do the ideas for the motives come up?

The prints are illustrations from different artists in Sweden, mostly from Elin and Frida’s artist brother Åskar. Josefine is also making some of the graphic prints. We have a tight cooperation with Åskar. Mostly we come up with the ideas, then he illustrates and we design the T-shirt. The different motives pop up mostly from our everyday life. It could be a trip visiting a friend in London that ends up with a ”Dude Where is My Coffee” print and now all the ping pong partys in our studio have led to some ping pong prints. And it’s important for us to print as much as possible on sustainable tees.

FEJ Clothes

Have you studied before or do you even study right now?

Elin has a one year textile education and ended up with a Bachelor in Cultural Studies at Malmö University. Frida has a one year photograph education and a Bachelor in Media and Culture and Josefine is currently studying a BA in Graphic Design at the same university, so it’s a good mix of skills for our label.

Running your own T-shirt label, how do you feel about it, what does it mean to you?

We don’t make it for a living, which means that we only produce things that we like. Running your own label means you can do something out of all your crazy ideas, you have no restrictions. And it’s very exciting to see that people like what you do.

FEJ Clothes
FEJ Clothes

You mentioned that you play ping pong at your studio, do you have an own studio place where you print the T-shirts?

Yes, we have our own atelier in an industrial studio building that we share with ten other artists in Malmö.

Do you have any concrete purposes for the future? Are you planning FejClothes to grow in a few years?

In future we want to expand internationally. We have two retailers in Malmö, one in Stockholm and one in Copenhagen but are looking forward to see our tees in more shops in other exciting cities.
We currently have a pop up store in an abandoned shopping mall in Malmö and we’re also arranging an exhibition there in May that will mix art, design, music and pop-up stores. And in the future we will take the Fejc store on the road for a bit and then return to Malmö to open a permanent shop.

Finally interested in buying a tee of FejClothes? Just visit their website or check out Tjallamalla or HI ON LIFE.

FEJ Clothes

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