four times two minutes reality

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We already wrote about Lotta Meyer and also showed her gorgeous illustrations.
Now she graduated in fashion design at AMD Hamburg and as we told you before, her final collection „four times two minutes reality“ is inspired by Tango Argentino and its city of orgin, Buenos Aires.

The collection is about disruption between present and past, between work and family, between who you are and what you’d like to be.

Lotta Meyer

“Longing for something deeper, longing to rediscover the feeling of origin: the incredible lightness of being, endless in itself, removed from all convention and free.
This is the gift of the Tango, this is what I was missing in my life without having a word for it before I knew this dance, this is why generation after generation has loved this dance.
The opportunity, to encounter the intensity of a life lived in its very pure form: reality – if only for a small, elusive moment.”

The model on all photos is Franki of Model Management Hamburg and the photos are by Kristina Steiner.

Lotta Meyer
Lotta Meyer
Lotta Meyer
Lotta Meyer
Lotta Meyer
Lotta Meyer


  1. linda clare meisner23/03/2011

    A few weeks ago I had the exciting pleasure of seeing Lotta’s collection on the runway in a sleek, sophisticated show in Hamburg presenting the works of the recent graduating class of AMD.

    Lotta’s work reflects all the passion of the Tango. I especially loved the color combinations of granite and brick and clay and sand. The juxtaposition of steel and rust displays the “disruption between past and present;” all these colors of the earth provide a good place to consider “origin.”

    This is a designer to watch — Bravo !!!! Lotta, from Linda

  2. Inger-Kristina Wegener23/03/2011

    It’s the rare student who is actually obsessed by her work: meet Lotta, she can’t help it, she has to observe, think, draw, understand and design. Don’t be fooled by her shy, Jim Knopf demeanour, she is like a locomotive on a track, once started you can’t stop her, everything is color, is movement, is draping, is life. She will go all the way, pass by the monsters – and come back with deceptively simple, brilliant ideas. Her clothes actually make you want to touch, feel and, yes, wear them. Now a graduate of AMD get ready to hear and see more of Lotta – and try to get your hands on something as long as you can still afford it, that’s my advice.
    Hold on to your dreams, Lotta! Kristina