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anna jazewitsch
anna jazewitsch

Anna Jazewitsch decided to study fashion design pretty much by accident. Even though she had always been interested in fashion, in experimenting with her own outfits and sewing her own clothes, she saw herself studying liberal arts after graduating from school. Since Anna went to an art school in White Russia as a young girl, it was obvious for her to study arts in future. But everything evolved differently. Anna graduated from school and wanted to apply at several academies of arts, but she had to realize that all qualification tests were already over.

As an alternative, she applied and got accepted for fashion design at FH Bielefeld. Fortunately, right from the beginning she saw that it had been the right choice. Today she graduated and is working as a fashion designer.

What do you like most about fashion design? And what does fashion mean to you?

I definitely love fashion design because of its variety. Designing clothes unites lots of different areas, like design, photography, marketing, sewing, press relations and production. Being a young fashion designer with a small budget, I have to care about all these aspects on my own. Apart from that I love the applied side of fashion, which is geared directly to the people and their needs that are physical, psychical, visual and contain also the environmental requirements of human beings.
Fashion fascinates me because it is a way of life that amuses and sometimes defines an entire position. It is a zeitgeist that constantly changes.

You got the third place at the Igedo Company competition “Design am Rhein“ with your diploma thesis “Ofimatica”. The price was a fair stand at the CPD for two seasons, tell me more. How did it go showing your designs to the trade visitors?

It was absolutely interesting to get to know how my collection appeals to the visitors. Besides I was able to present my garments at the CPD fashion show. It was so exciting seeing the garments worn by professional models.

I noticed that you collaborated with Weekday.
You designed a t-shirt print. How did you get around to doing it and what was it like collaborating with Weekday?

Weekday offered me to cooperate and I felt very honoured. I always wanted to design t-shirts and I already had very concrete ideas about it. The cooperation with Weekday was totally uncomplicated. In their Berlin store, my shirt actually was sold out.

anna jazewitsch
anna jazewitsch
anna jazewitsch

How do you describe your current collection?

The central theme of the “Marmorgraphica” collection S/S 2011 is the marble print. It combines coincidence and control, symmetry and asymmetry, which flow into each other. I photographed marble tiles and changed the colours of the photography. In parts I mirrored the prints and broke the natural gradient of the marble consequently with black areas. The collection colours relate to natural mixed marble colours like blue-green, curry-yellow, soft and powdery pastel tones combined with black stripes. The materials of the garments are wool, silk and cotton. Every piece of the collection can be combined with each other. The results are innovative clothes that are suitable for daily use.

Where do you like to work most, do you have your own studio or do you prefer to work at home?

I favour to work at home, because I’m most creative there. Things that inspire me are arts, the street, other design areas and the music scene. I create my clothes by working very freely, draping and composing old forms to a new unit. During the construction and draping process I like to mix up different techniques. Anyway, I always pay attention to create wearable clothes.

Are there any projects that you were not able to put into action and which you would like to realize some day in future?

Yes there are. I would like to realize fashion projects with a strong connection to art. And I would like to present them in an arty environment, like an art gallery or a museum.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?

It would be great to be able to pay the bills with fashion in future and to present my designs to an expanded audience.


  1. v18/03/2011

    i love it! wonderful collection, beautiful colors. and honestly she will almost certanly get to pay her bills with fashion. great work!

  2. Maycie18/03/2011

    She’s very talented. There’s not a piece I don’t like. Keep up the awesome job!