Fashion Schools #1

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Fashion School AMFI Amsterdam

Starting today, we’ll be introducing fashion schools around the world. We do this to show the huge variety of possibilities we all have when searching for the right education to get into our dream jobs. The first fashion school today is AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute.

How Many Students Get In?
There are about 1,300 students enrolled, with 15 percent from outside the Netherlands.

When Do I Apply?
Applicants from abroad should come to the AMFI Open Day in November and submit their applications to be offered early interviews in February. All requested documents must be in by December 15th. If you don’t need to apply early, then the deadline is April 1st.

Mauritskade 11, 1091 GC Amsterdam

+31 (0)20 595 45 55


What Programs Are Offered?

Train to become…
• Independent Designer
• Industry Designer
• Fashion Forecaster
• Brand Engineer
• Concept Developer
• Creative Manager
• Buyer/Product Manager
• Production Manager
• Retail Concept Manager

Choose a minor specialization in: International Production, Making / Buying / Selling, Brands & Communication, Design, Fashion & Future, Research, Individuals, Textile, Exchange or Magazines.

How Can I Get Accepted?
To enroll into the AMFI Bachelor’s Degree program, you’ll need to apply for a study visa and have your high school diploma assessed by the Student Affairs Office. You will need to fill out an application form and provide supporting documents (copy of passport, two photos, proof of health insurance, birth certificate and letter of recommendation). There is also a suitability test that may be completed at home or online prior to meeting with a guidance counselor.

How Much Does It Cost?
Annual tuition for Europeans is € 1,672 ($2,267). Annual tuition for Americans would be € 6,800 ($9,222). However, there are Amsterdam Talent Scholarships, the Huygens Scholarship Programme, Studiefinancing, and Grants offered to students outside of Europe.

Fashion School AMFI Amsterdam
Fashion School AMFI Amsterdam

Why AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute?
You get to learn in historic buildings in the Netherlands… how cool is that? Also, the educational program meets the prestigious Dutch standards in Higher Professional Education and is accredited by the HBO Council and Minister of Education of the Netherlands. The well-rounded program will take you from workshops, learning the theoretical background and taking toolshops in year one, to theme-based learning on quality and quantity in your second year, to integrated learning and fashion talent development courses in year three, to debates, shows and exhibitions in your fourth year. By the end of your tenure at AMFI, you will be more than prepared to enter the real world as a unique, highly-trained fashion design professional.

Fashion School AMFI Amsterdam
Fashion School AMFI Amsterdam


  1. Tracy Hepp-Walker11/04/2011

    Dear Chen Xiaoyu
    Our non Eu applications must apply by 1st April and your students are thus too late. If you have a more general enquiry then please end it to my email attached or contact Marian Mclaughlin, who has contacts with Hong Kong Polytechnic. Maybe she can assist further.
    Our website detailed in our information gives full information.

    Kind regards
    Tracy Hepp-Walker