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There’s hardly any industry faster than fashion, and a lot of us would buy new clothes whenever they see anything tempting – provided we can afford it.

With Jessica from Boulder in Colorado, we met a blogger who makes others aware of the downside of the fast pace of fashion and our buying habits. And presents labels and designers who think and act sustainably.
Her blog: Slow Fashioned.

We talked to Jessica about slow fashion, changing shopping habits and her favorite blogs.

Slow fashioned Blog

On you say, that all we need to do is change a few simple shopping habits. Examples?
To me Slow Fashion is a common sense type of sustainable fashion, because all you need to do is slow down and think about what is really important to you. Some of the simplest and best advice I can give anyone interested in slow fashion is:

– Buy quality over quantity. Pick a few key pieces each season that you can’t live without and use it with the clothing you already have.

– Read the label. Not only will you learn the best way to care for your clothes, you will learn a lot about what your clothes are made of and where they came from.

– Choose second hand. Vintage is not only fashionable but it keeps clothing out of the landfill, so does consigning or donating your unwanted clothes.

When did you realize you needed to create a blog to deal with sustainability?
For years I’ve been really interested in a sustainable lifestyle. There are tons of books, blogs, and resources on the subject of everything from eating organic to living zero-waste. Unfortunately there was a gap between living sustainably and being fashionable. It seemed the two were mutually exclusive until I found out about the slow fashion movement.
I’m an avid journaler (I keep an online journal because I try to be paper-free) and I realized that I was journaling several times a week about slow fashion and sustainable choices. My last semester at Academy of Art University (where I studied Fashion Merchandising) I took a Blogging – Fashion Journalism course, it was the catalyst that got me writing publicly about my experiences.
Slow Fashioned was actually born in October 2010. At first I was simply blogging about my personal experiences and inspiration about trying to make environmentally and socially conscious decisions, but it quickly grew into something bigger, Slow Fashioned now has contributing authors and photographers all sharing their sustainable fashion and lifestyle points of view.

What do you do when you’re not blogging?
When I’m not managing Slow Fashioned or writing for The Green Stylist, I can be found home-schooling my 3 year old daughter, volunteering on a local organic farm, thrifting & consigning, designing and up-cycling clothes, or watching movies (I’m a big movie buff, I love everything from classics to sci-fi).

Your favorite blogs?
Some of my favorite blogs are: Ecco*Eco, Hel-Looks, Life Hacker, Sass Brown, The Zero Waste Home and many more … there 100+ blogs on my Google Reader at any one time.

What are you made of?
If you are what you eat: then I must be an organic squash.

Slow fashioned Blog


  1. Tia16/02/2011


    Thank you so much for the add on IFB. I’ve gotten a slew of friend requests but I am sure glad I clicked on yours: your blog is really special! I decided to comment on this post (I’ve read a bunch!) because I wrote a post earlier on something similar( Art Nouveau (Part 1) ), and I was really happy to read it and know I wasn’t being too… old school or something? Slow Fashion, it’s genius and totally doable. I’m a huge advocate.

    I absolutely love your blog, if it’s alright with you I’d like to link it on mine.


  2. Shabby17/02/2011

    How inspiring! This is actually exactly what my blog is going to be about, though I just started. Thanks for sharing.