Lucy Nuzum

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Lucy Nuzum
A photo speaks a thousand words and Dublin photographer Lucy Nuzum symbolizes this through her immaculate pictures in form of what she wants to speak. So check out this interview I had with her.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion can seem very terrifying, and judgmental! But at the same time it can be inspiring and creative.

How do you define your style?
Sans style. I have none. Though I’m also desperate for it to suit or flatter me, but too nervous to try anything too exciting! I probably just copy people and try to blend in as much as possible! Black &Grey is the colour of nearly everything! But in fashion photography…. I like subtle, and prefer environmental images, not studio photoshoots. I like an extreme trend or style but softened and simplified by a great stylist to make it as more unique.

Lucy Nuzum
Lucy Nuzum

Where do you get your inspiration from?
In photography… imagination. Thinking up something and creating it inside a frame. Contrived ideas coming to life. Dreams being interpreted. Thoughts made visual.

When did you get your first camera? Who/What made you get into photography?
I started taking photos when I was 16/17, and was 18 when I bought my first DSLR, and I got into photography through a boyfriend, who quickly lost interest whereas I sort of became obsessed….

Which are your favorite upcoming blogs?
I follow a lot of flickr streams, like brookeshaden or kirsty841 and my friend Anouska, who I met through photography and adore taking photos of, she has a fashion blog I tend to stalk!

Lucy Nuzum
Lucy Nuzum

What was your favorite trend in 2010?
…… um…. I’m trying to think! I don’t know! I liked how a lot of stylists used those big control pants from Pennies with tops/necklaces/shoes and made them look really high-fashion – I actually used a pair myself in this photo – that’s about the extent of fashion present in my self portraits!

What do you want to take up as a career? (Photography/modeling/editing/writing)
Definitely Photography! And it’s strange… as terrified as I am about fashion, and how I feel like I know nothing about it… I’ve been really enjoying fashion-photography. With the help of stylists & models to cover the fashion part, the photography is incredibly creative! As long as I’m not in the studio, it’s definitely an area I want to continue exploring.

Lucy Nuzum


  1. anupriya08/02/2011

    Thank you for posting this :) This WAS a wonderful interview and I loved working with you!