Lena Hasibether

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Lena Hasibether sent us her new lookbook and we liked it a lot – so we talked to her to find out about her life as a designer and her fashion.

Quick vita

78 born in Essen/Germany

96 – 98 vocational diploma, a-level design

98 – 01 vocational training as a dressmaker

01 work experience at Das Gewand, Düsseldorf

02 – 09 studying fashion design at FH Bielefeld

09 internship, design team JOOP! Jeans women

09 became a freelance fashion designer

Website: lenahasibether.de

Bielefeld is not exactly a fashion metropolis. Why did you stay after graduating?
Mostly because I worked for Joop. And also, I had to concentrate on several competitions, so I simply had no time to think about moving elsewhere. It is not important where exactly you start your own business, and in a city like this, it is a lot less crowded than for example in Berlin, which makes things more relaxed. Sooner or later, I will probably leave Bielefeld, simply to see something new.

What does the city offer for you as a designer?
WIth a history as an important weaving and textile producing region, there are still many textile companies around. Of course, the chances for creative work are limited in the local industry, but right now, I want to focus on my own collection anyway. I will present it on the CPD Signatures in Düsseldorf this February. At the moment, I am working on my Fall/Winter 11/12 collection in a shared studio.

Lena Hasibether
Lena Hasibether

We hear a lot of good things about studying in Bielefeld. How was it for you?
I truly enjoyed studying there, the atmosphere was very friendly and it’s a great advantage to have graphics, communications, photography and media students all in one place. This provides for an intensive exchange of knowledge during the studies, and for interdisciplinary cooperations. Students have the chance to try and learn new things beyond the field of fashion. Theory is an important part of the studies in Bielefeld, which is a core basic for conceptual work.

When you worked for “Das Gewand”, was it in preparation for your studies, or was that when you first realized you want to study fashion design?
After becoming a dressmaker, this was my first job experience, and it made me realize that the sheer technical execution is not enough for me. So I applied to study in Bielefeld.

How was your time at Joop?
Extremely interesting, I got to see the entire chain of processes in a major company. I was in the design team of Joop! jeans women. However, I found that I have to try a lot of things first and make more use of what I learned during my studies. The creative work as a designer in a company like that is very restricted.

What is the most important thing you have learned?
Trust yourself.

What makes your fashion unique?
Draped straightness.

How do you wish to evolve in the future?
Tough question, unfortunately I can’t tell the future, but I will continue to work on the evolution of my own life. Along the way, I will use collaborations and further education to advance professionally and gather experience.

Lena Hasibether
Lena Hasibether

What is the best part about your job?
To start the search for new things over and over. You have to realize that you cannot reinvent the wheel, but all designers put a bit of personality into their work, and I find that interesting to see, also, to see where I will lead myself to. Besides, it is extremely exciting to continuously deal with all the various sources of inspiration.

What are you made of?
A bias-cut silk jersey.

The Collection – Trompe -l‘œil II

“The basic idea of the collection is to interpret the style of ancient greek sculptures and garments and to translate this interpretation into a modern design. it‘s an experimentation with shapes, silhouettes, draping and a variety of fabric while keeping in mind the wearability.”

Lena Hasibether
Lena Hasibether
Lena Hasibether


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