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Fernando Akasaka is a jewellery designer from São Paulo. He develops an exclusive range of handmade jewels made of solid .950 sterling silver or .750 gold (18k), and we talked to him about his background and ideas.

Tobias Fernando, how did you become a jewellery designer?
Fernando I have always been interested in art, design, fashion, jewellery, etc., and the evolution of these artistic sensibilities and personal interests turned into design. I didn’t study jewellery and it took some time to learn this subject and plan a business in this area. For me, designing is like experimenting and I think you have to take some risks and not be afraid to make mistakes. So, as soon as I had the opportunity, I started working on jewels and succeeded in creating a collection of pieces which was the first step to launch Le Blob.

Fernando Akasaka

Tobias When and how did you find out that this is what you wanted to do? Does your job make you happy?
Fernando I am passionate about my designer career. I worked some years in engineering and information technology areas, but in 2005 I dropped the idea of a career in those areas. I always had the desire to have my own business and in March 2006, I really got into design as a career and launched F.AKASAKA, where I produce conceptual and exclusive furniture, lightings, and decoration objects. Some time later, my passion for jewellery started growing and in October 2009, I launched Le Blob.

Tobias What is you basic concept? Most pieces seem to beinspired by skulls and their structure, can you tell us more about that?
Fernando The collection is an experimentation of organically-shaped forms influenced by nature, rock’n’roll, punk & gothic scenes, underground and industrial cultures. I choose the term ‘Blob’ because I think this term encompasses the organic, natural, fluid, etc. aesthetics which are the essence of the jewellery collection.

Tobias What are you currently working on and what is your vision for the future?
Fernando I am focusing on my work in jewellery. It’s a pleasure and it means happiness to do this work, and I want to continue to do what I love to do and keep my work and dreams alive.

Tobias About you: Where do you live, where do you come from, how old are you?
Fernando I am a Japanese descendent. My office and factory are based in São Paulo, Brazil but I want more and more to see myself as a citizen of the world.

Tobias Being “faebric” we like to ask: What are you made of?
Fernando I am made of ideas & dreams and I hope to have the strength to put them into practice.

Find all the pieces and info at leblob.com

Fernando Akasaka
Fernando Akasaka
Fernando Akasaka
Fernando Akasaka
Fernando Akasaka
Fernando Akasaka


  1. slow fashioned26/01/2011

    these are stunning pieces of art! they look like little sculptures, i think my favorite is the one that looks like an empty snake skin on his website! its so unique.