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Nam Nguyen is only 17 years old. At this age, it is common to look out for different types of possible professions and to find your own ways. With Nam, things are entirely different. In spite of what is common, he has a clear goal and a dream that he will definetely pursue. He wants to become a fashion designer – but really, he already is one.

Even if graduation and college are still to come, Nam has built up a reputation with his designs. With his first collection “Alone with my thoughts”, the student from Hanover started his own fashion business, the “Nam-Studios”, which is already known for its minimalist design. It all started in a Summer in Vietnam, where he got introduced to the Asian art of tailoring. When he held a piece of fabric in his hands for the first time, his passion for fashion was ignited. Through the help of several internships, a lot of discipline and talent, he started his way into the fashion industry.

nam nguyen
nam nguyen

Nam, when and how did you decide to become a fashion designer?
I started being interested in fashion at the age of 14, and I dealt with it in detail. My teacher inspired me to learn all the skills and create fashion myself.

Connections are vital, so I guess that’s why you went to the Berlin Fashion Week. What did you do there and who did you get to know to?
The fashion week is a great opportunity to meet people from all the various fields of the media and fashion industries. It was my second time in Berlin this July. The best thing is to just let everything happen. That may sound a bit strange, but it really works. There are editors from printed magazines as well as online magazines, bloggers and of course other designers, and I was lucky enough to meet many of them. Also, I met my assistant for public relations and markteing there.

How did you get the idea to create your own collection and to sell and promote it?
My first collection “Alone with my thoughts” was originally meant to be a collection for my portfolio only, but through meeting the right people at the Fashion Week, I got the idea to realy make it all happen.

Through your first collection, you were able to gather a lot of hands-on experience as a fashion designer. The creative part as well as organization and administration. What was the easiest part for you?
My profession is to design and sew clothing. I like to be inspired and to work with different materials – my favorites being jersey and sweatshirt fabric. I don’t have to worry about the administrative part, so I can fully concentrate on my job.

A collection is not only time-consuming and difficult, but also expensive. How do you manage to get everything done? Do you have any support from your friends or family?
Others buy a new bike, play golf, go out and party or have other hobbies to invest their money in. My hobby is my job! Of course, my family supports me and for example, some of my friends helped during the shooting, and I am extremely grateful for that!

Your fashion is very minimalist and you put much effort into your cuts, which makes a lot of people compare it to Akris or Jil Sander. How do you see that?
On the Berlin Fashion Week, Annette Weber said I reminded her of the young Akris, which made me feel truly honored!

What would you study if not fashion design? Is there any alternative?
I don’t think so – fashion is what I want to do, and if you want to achieve anything, you need to really get into it and give all you can for your dream. That’s what I will do.

And finally, what are your plans for the time after high school graduation?
I’d like to find an internship for a whole season to learn more, and then I want to study fashion design. All of that in Berlin, that is my plan.

Find more info and pictures on Nam’s website and Blog

More by photographer Ana Halina Ringleb:

nam nguyen
nam nguyen
nam nguyen
nam nguyen

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  1. folk's field21/01/2011

    ok, this collection is cool.

  2. Rebecca from See You in Sweden27/01/2011

    Can’t believe he’s 17. These designs are…incredible.

  3. Tobias27/01/2011

    @Rebecca: Yeah, right? What a gift.

  4. Eileen Lee28/01/2011

    Love this post…amazing designs…and only 17?!

  5. Style Maniac11/02/2011

    Great style–I’d wear those clothes in a heartbeat. Where are they being sold?
    Great blog, too–love love love this concept of highlighting new work. So refreshing!