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Many graphic designers like the thought of their creations becoming wearable and getting to be walked around town, for example on a t-shirt. But while most of them limit their part of the design to the print on a shirt, designer and illustrator Martin from FunkFu started his own piece of fashion from scratch.

We asked him why, how, and what’s next?

Tobias Hi Martin, where are you from and how old are you?
Martin I grew up and live in Prague. And I’m 30 years old.

Tobias How did you become a graphic designer and illustrator?
Martin I was always into drawing and I was lucky enough to study secondary school of graphic arts. There I was introduced to graphic design and typography. After graduation, I continued my education for two years.

Tobias Making shirts is quite popular, but most graphic designers rather create a print than the entire shirt. Did you have any assistance, or did you do the sewing etc. yourself?
Martin Yes. I have to say first how I got to shirts. I work with a shirt manufacturing company as brand identity designer. Shirts slowly became interesting for me and my first idea was to make a kind of hawaian shirt with my own print. A fully printed shirt. However, it wasn’t as easy as it seemed in the beginning. The whole construction of the shirt is process with its rules. And due to commitments on both sides, mine and manufacturers, it took longer than expected. So I skipped the printing and decided to do a plain shirt. I drew the design and then we worked together over the internet to finalize it.

Tobias Will there be more where that came from, or will this remain your only fashion project?
Martin Making the shirt was quite a new experience, and clothing design became even more interesting for me. I’d like to make a new one and focus on details. So there is definitely more coming up!

Tobias What about the Monteur? What is the story and who is your shirt made for?
Martin What I like is to arrange everything around the product – the story, some promotional materials. I like to play. This came to my mind while I was sorting tools in the garage. The Monteur’s story depicts half man, half machine hidden in the never-ending suburbs of FunkFu-Ville, where he works on a pan-dimensional anti-matter fuelled travel capsule.
And the shirt is made for any shirt fanatic. Shirts are like olives, you have to learn to appreciate the taste. This is a good starting point.

Tobias As “faebric” we like to ask: What are you made of?
Martin I’m sewn out of enthusiasm, friendship and hope.

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