Serhat Isik

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Serhat is a design student with a focus on fashion at the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld. In this interview, we talk about the school and sensitive, conceptual fashion.

Name: Serhat Isik
Lives and learns in: Bielefeld, Germany
Degree program: Design, focus on fashion
Semester: 5

serhat isik

Tobias Bielefeld has a great reputation for photography. Do you share the campus with the photo people, and are there collaborative projects?
Serhat When you study design in Bielefeld, you decide for a focus on either fashion, photography or graphic design/communications design. These three fields are united in one campus. Collaborations are an every day thing here. There is a special class by two professors called Photo Styling / Fashion Photography. In this class, students get together to work on a photo styling project, and professional coaching is always at hand. Especially for students who are interested in fashion photography, this is a perfect opportunity that you won’t find at too many other German schools. The connection between students of all kinds of fields is very intense. Not only with the photo designers, but also with the graphic designers, we have plenty of collaborative projects.

Tobias How did you decide to study design, and is it the way you imagined it to be? Can you recommend studying in Bielefeld?
Serhat It’s always tough to answer a question like that, because especially in fashion design, it can easily sound trivial, but I believe that you simply know if you’re made for this job or not. A feeling. I never really imagined how studying here would be, because I knew it would probably be different anywhere you look. More than that, I had my expectations that have been fulfilled in Bielefeld. I think, the school is on a good way to become one of Germany’s best in fashion, and that makes it a great place to start a career.

Tobias Are you from around Bielefeld, or did you move there from far away? Where are you heading after graduation? And what are your plans in general?
Serhat I’m from Herne, which is not too far away, but not close enough to commute, either. After graduation, I want to continue with master studies. I have just finished my fourth semester and I am working towards my bachelor degree. In general, I know I really need to go far away and gather some internship experience.

Tobias About your fashion: Would you say you have developed a strong style yet, or do you reinvent yourself continuously? What do your clothes have in common, and in what direction are you developing?
Serhat I keep noticing that every collection is different, but a certain type of style is always present, and I like to think of it as sensitive. My way of working is very conceptual, yet experimental, and I like to leave a lot to coincidence. I think that coincidence is an important part that makes every collection unique. But during finishing touches, color and manufacture are extremely important to me and I will spend a lot of time on a collar, if that is required. The journey has just begun!

Tobias Being “faebric” we always want to know: What are you made of?
Serhat Since my fashion is sensitive, but conceptual at the same time, and if we look at the periodic table in chemistry, I would say I am made of helium (He) and aluminium (Al). At least, that’s what comes to my mind right now.

serhat isik
serhat isik
serhat isik
serhat isik
serhat isik
serhat isik
serhat isik


  1. la Vinia11/02/2011

    beautiful clothes! love this approach!