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When Marianne from the young label Paco Park wrote to us and sent some pics of her jackets, we instantly fell in love with those wonderful designs. So we asked for a little interview to find out more. Designer Marianne Diaz is 25, she lives in Paris.

Is Paris your home town or did you move there? I moved to Paris two years ago for a boy and in search of fashion. I was born in Manila and raised in Melbourne, Australia.

What is your fashion background? My background is in fashion publishing and styling.

And how did you learn to make jackets? I spent my childhood in my aunty’s atelier. She was a seamstress. I’m still learning everyday.

What does the name Paco Park mean? Paco Park is a park in the Philippines. It is where I spent many hours playing and dreaming.

paco park

Why and when did you decide to become a fashion designer? It started with a coup de coeurs for fabrics. I came back from a trip in the Philippines with suitcases filled with the most colorful textiles. I was having dinner with friends one night and a friend (who is a petite french dj) insisted that I make a jacket for him with the fabric. We were drinking lots of wine and furiously making sketches. A few weeks later, I had a really rough sample made for him.

What are your plans for the future? I’m developing a spring collection. Focusing on menswear with slim fits and ethnic accents. Paco Park will reach for the sky.

Can you tell me a bit about that photo project on your website? My friends and I would spend many hours sitting in cafes people watching. I decided to be more productive and photograph those very people we were watching in my jackets. It became very addictive so I continued photographing people everywhere – galleries, on the street, in clubs/bars etc.

How would you describe your fashion in one sentence? Wear culture on your sleeve.

All your jackets are handmade, right? The fabric is all handwoven from a mountain region in the Philippines. It’s a long process and I like to think that the stories of the weavers are woven into the fabric. Each blazer is full of love.

Thank you!

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