My job at CPH Fashion Week

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cph fashion week
cph fashion week

After my internship at Minimarket last year, I had the chance to work for the girls a couple of times already. So for me, it was pretty clear that I wanted join them again for the Copenhagen Fashion week. Everything happened spontaneously: I went to Copenhagen on Thursday, went back on Saturday, finished a term paper on the train and was lucky enough to be able to stay at my friends’ house in Copenhagen.

I arrived there in perfect Autumn weather on Thursday, and went straight to the Wood Wood show at Den Frie Centre Of Contemporary Art. It featured a lot of rucksacks, military patterns, great prints like black kissing lips on white blouses, and also wet models, who looked like they had taken a shower right before their walk through the various rooms.

cph fashion week
cph fashion week

Friday started with the Gallery trade fair. Most of the labels that present themselves here are from Scandinavia, like Acne, Stine Goya and Vilsbøl de Arce. I wasn’t here just for fun, but to start working, so I grabbed the collection at the Minimarket stand and took off to the Rådhuspladsen. On the way, I picked up two models, and together we continued to Copenhagen’s city hall, where l steam-ironed the collection for three hours.

In that same area, the models were prepared for the show. Some of them got giant creations of plants and bast attached to their heads, and sometimes they made me wonder how the quick changing of clothes was going to work during the show. But I was lucky! The girl I assisted with the changing was Sofie, and her headdress had tolerable dimensions.

It’s always stressful behind the scenes of a fashion show, and so I thought the Minimarket show had only lasted five minutes. It really lasted ten minutes, and judging from what I saw online a day later, it was well worth seeing. Backstage, you can only imagine
what might be happening on the runway. So, I didn’t even know that they had some kind of tree in the middle. There was one changing assistant for each one of the 15 models, so it wasn’t as stressful as in other shows and I even had the chance to talk to the changing assistant next to me. She was from Iceland, but had been living really close to me in Hamburg for the past eight years, and currently, she works as an intern at Agency V in Berlin.

The show was just over, when we had already packed up the collection again to make room for the next show. We went back to the trade show to prepare everything for the next day. What followed was a great reward for an exhausting day: First, a nice dinner with the Minimarket girls in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District, and after that, we had a great night out in a bar with a jukebox and some strange schnapps that was served in test tubes.

On Saturday, Copenhagen said “Goodbye” to me with a nice rain – and the ”World‘s Greatest Catwalk“, that kept me from getting on the other side of the street. Anyway, I can’t wait for the next Fashion Week in February!

Find many show videos of the Copenhagen Fashion Week at
The backstage photos are by Kristina Demant.


  1. Magnólia20/01/2011

    Nice work. I really love it. Art and fashion walk together!

  2. Ray22/01/2011

    This sounds so amazing. What an experience to have. I’ve assisted backstage at Seattle Fashion Week and at a show for Luly Yang Couture, and I definitely understand your stress–it’s hard work at a fashion show! I was sad to have missed Luly’s runway, but it was well worth it to be backstage working with the models and the gorgeous, gorgeous clothing. You are so involved in the fashion industry–and from the looks of all the great models, you definitely did you part in creating a wonderful show. The aesthetic of your entire blog and especially this post is so well done. Great post!

  3. the fall26/01/2011

    love this, the make up used is so organic

  4. Katina11/02/2011

    this is an amazing post–I love the way the pictures are layed out!!