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I know Lotta from the AMD Hamburg, where she is in her 6th semester of studying fashion design. Currently, she is working on her final thesis, which will be about Buenos Aires, tango and improvisation.

Inbetween all of this, she kindly took the time to tell me about her studies and her plans for the future. The photos show Lotta’s work that I was already able to see at the AMD Open House fashion show.

lotta meyer

Midia: How did you come to studying fashion design?
Lotta: As a child, I loved to do handicrafts, and so my grandmother taught me how to sew. Still today, my grandma is a great help whenever I need a little help in finishing something.
At the age of seven, I realized that besides tailors, there are also designers. My interest in fashion, sewing and more grew bigger, and ever since then I knew I wanted to become a fashion designer.
In order to really be sure about this and to prepare an application portfolio, I took a seven month long course at Parsons in New York. After that, I worked for a theatre tailor in Paris for three months.

Midia: How much did you care about fashion as a kid?
Lotta: I always thought that buttons and fabrics were beautiful. However, my taste in fashion was weird when I was a kid. I didn’t like demin or red. Today, red is my favorite colour, and since I was 13, denim has been an important part of my wardrobe.

Midia: What do you like best about your studies?
Lotta: All day long, I can do what brings me joy. All courses in my studies are great. I particularly enjoy textile technology, drawing and sewing.

Midia: What is your inspiration?
Lotta: Quite often, small things inspire me. For example, flaws in movies or buildings. Buttons or single images. Often, being inspired is something that happens unconsciously. From all designers, John Galliano and Lanvin designer Alber Elbaz inspire me the most.

Midia: How do you keep track of ideas you have during the day?
Lotta: I always have a pen and my black sketchbook to put ideas into.

Midia: If it wasn’t fashion design, what would you study?
Lotta: Something with languages. I already speak English, Swedish and French, and I would like to learn Japanese. I am particularly fascinated by sayings.

Midia: What plans and dreams do you have for the time after graduation?
Lotta: First, I want to work for several years to learn as much as I can. Shortly, me and my sister are planning to start our own business. We have finished the concept, but that’s all I can say for now…

The model on all images is Helen Roy by PMA Models in Hamburg, and the wonderful pictures were taken by Kristina Steiner.

lotta meyer
lotta meyer
lotta meyer
lotta meyer
lotta meyer


  1. linda clare meisner20/07/2010

    When Lotta was in New York studying at Parsons, I was a guest instructor one day for her class.

    Immediately, I realized how especially talented and uniquely creative she was as a designer.

    I asked her at that time if she could do some work for me as an apprentice, and fortunately for me, she found time in her schedule to do so. I am always pleased and proud of Lotta when I receive photos and reviews of her current work.

  2. Inger-Kristina Wegener27/07/2010

    Lotta’s passion for her art and her enthusiasm is unique! As an artist and art teacher I was fortunate to have her as a guest teacher for my students – she inspired her audience with her gentle yet determined presence.
    Though she is still very young she is very clear about her creative resources. Her progress over the last few years is wonderful to see and I am incredibly curious about her future projects – hoping for a collaboration along the way!