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It all started with a couple of beers in Copenhagen. Who played a part that night? We don’t know and nowbody is supposed to know. Everything is fine as it is. Fact is, Humör creates cool clothes with a lot of humour!

The danish label finds its roots in the DJ-culture of metropoles like New York, Berlin, London and Copenhagen. Since 2007 they produce urban collections with the typical colourful, graphical prints – always with the beat of some electronical beat in mind. Every single collection is a reflection on different epochs of musical history and views of the world.

In Denmark they know it well, the Humör-style. Afterall Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is something like the european fashion-capital, where eccentricity and flashiness are more than usual. This becomes clearer by walking through copenhagen’s most beautiful narrow streets and alleys like the Studiestræde or the Larsbjørnsstræde that small and big second-hand-stores call a home. Copenhagen screams energy and creativity. Just as Humör does.


Humör doesn’t like simple blacks and whites, but is made for young guys who love their life and are a fan of colours and crazy combinations. Humör creates a new silhouette, a new color scheme that is – just by watching – as electrifying as a heavy beat.
The various collections bring together what makes a man’s heart grow bigger: hoodies, jeans, shirts and jackets in cool, casual and at the same time adventurous cuts.
Completely dressed in Humör arises a whole new look which is fun and serious alltogether. But even a single piece from a collection is totally catchy. They make an unignorable accent that is at least as humorous and ironic as the whole Humör-optic itself.
Humör is fun. So there has to be minimum one Humör-piece in every man’s wardrobe!


  1. C08/07/2010

    great pictures.

  2. Elliot04/11/2010

    Lovin’ the abstract graphics on some of the clothes and the color combinations. Great post!