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Even though the Offf festival took place right during a Paris Men Fashion Week, this has nothing to do with fashion. Or does it? Not directly, but it was a festival that celebrates creativity, and thousands of people from all over the world came to be inspired.

Offf is a festival for what they call the “Post Digital Creation Culture”, whatever that means really. I went to the Parc de la Vilette in Paris to see what the most creative minds had come up with during the last year, and I was not disappointed. Three days with tons of great stuff from all fields of design. Three days in which some design rules were repeated often – rules that also apply for fashion creatives. I wrote down three of them.

Let the unfinished live.
It feels good to publish something even when you think it could still be improved. Many designers are perfectionists, which is great, but can get in the way at times.

Leave pop behind.
When you’ve created something everybody likes, turn away from it and invest your energy in something they may not like – yet. Being popular means becoming copied, means becoming mainstream, means becoming boring.

Try stuff.
Don’t accept first ideas, but put them aside and play around. First ideas suck, because everybody has them.

offf paris

If you’re interested in the Offf festival, visit and check out this year’s opening titles by The Mill, an amazing visual effects company. Also, don’t miss the Sponsor Titles by Julien Vallée.

offf paris
offf paris
offf paris
offf paris

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