Etsy Talents: Rouge et Noir

Browsing Etsy, we often have the urge to know more about the people behind our favorite stores. So we started this new series of Etsy Talents to find out about those who usually put their clothes into focus, rather than themselves.

Today we’ll start with Alectonyx – the username behind the Etsy store Rouge et Noir. In real life, Alectonyx is Carla from Mexico. We talked to her to find out more.

rouge et noir
rouge et noir

Tobias: You run your own label and Etsy store. Are you a professional fashion designer or aiming to become one?
Carla: I am not sure where life will take me but if I am not a professional designer in the future, I surely see myself owning a store and being involved in the fashion world somehow. My dream job would be a shoe designer.

Tobias: Did you study fashion? If not, where and how did you learn to design clothes?
Carla: I didn’t study fashion, therefore, I am not sure if I could call myself officially a designer, I would feel more comfortable to be called a DIY enthusiast for a while, at least until I come up with a whole innovative collection. I “learned” to do what I do now with some tutorials that are available on the internet and sort of taught myself with some ideas I suddenly got, of course I’ve had the help of people around me who have taught me how to sew by hand and use a sewing machine and also I’m taking knitting classes. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of projects in the drawer that haven’t been done because of the lack of time.

Tobias: Why do you design fashion? Has that always been a part of your life?
Carla: Like many designers I didn’t choose design as a major. Although I’ve always felt attracted to the visual arts and had several drawing classes and courses through my childhood, when the time came to choose a career I preferred to keep my creative skills for my spare time and chose another profession. Life is a bumpy ride and somehow I ended up doing what I never planned to do: Creating clothes.

Tobias: What do you love about fashion and designing it?
Carla: Seeing people wearing what I do is the best feeling ever.

Tobias: What is the hardest part about being a designer?
Carla: When you are your own worst critic. When you are very self-conscious and are not always sure if what you create is good enough.

Tobias: You sell your clothes through the label Rouge et Noir. Did you found that label by yourself or with others? Can you tell me a bit about the label and your plans for the future?
Carla: I’m the only founder of the label. For now it’s mainly shredded tunics and scarves but the idea is to include urban style and alternative clothing. I am planning to include clothes, accessories and shoes by other suppliers and add a wider range of Rouge et Noir originals.

Tobias: Tell me about your clothes: What is your style, what is important for you?
Carla: My style depends on my mood and of course the weather. I love items that are uncommon. At least in my country. Of course there are certain trends I follow because they match my style just like the last 3 or 4 seasons designed by Decarnin (Balmain). I love black but lately I’ve tried to incorporate nudes and light pinks into my wardrobe. Although I love clothes my ultimate obsession are shoes.

To see all of Carla’s creations, visit her Etsy store Rouge et Noir or check out her blog C’s Fashion Chronicles.

rouge et noir
rouge et noir


  1. Sandy01/06/2010

    so rad! love her work

  2. I watson01/06/2010

    Love the interview, very interesting, it’s sometimes the best designers who are the ones with out the design degrees, like Vivienne Westwood and your designs are amaze! Love the textured knits, and especially the maxi skirt :)

  3. Vivi01/06/2010

    So fabulous!!
    Check out her blog too:

  4. C08/07/2010

    Please visit the store!

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