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ananas helsinki
ananas helsinki

Ananas is a small accessory label from Helsinki. The designer behind all those beautiful, colorful pieces is Anna-Stina. She designs hair clips, necklaces, little bags, hairbands and ear studs. Every piece is made of wonderful, brightly colored fabrics and gorgeous lace. Anna-Stinas accessory line arose from her hobby of creating accessories for herself. Today, she regularly designs new creations and sells them, for example through Myymälä2 / Pitkämies 2 in Helsinki’s Design District.

ananas helsinki

Marina: When and how did you start your label? What was the beginning of it all?
Anna-Stina: I’ve always been collecting fabrics and buttons and when I got pregnant, I stayed at home more often and started making use of all the stuff. I started covering buttons in the fabrics and made some hairbands and ear studs out of them.
I wore them myself, and when people liked my creations, that gave me motivation to produce more and to evolve. I noticed that I can do whatever I want if I really like it and then I just let the inspiration flow.

Marina: What is your inspiration when you work on your creations?
Anna-Stina: What inspires me the most now are my loved ones, listening, dancing and singing to music, taking a walk in the nature, the little garden on my balcony, finding some old pieces of clothes and fabrics and our trip to Brazil.

Marina: Are there any situations when you are particularly productive?
Anna-Stina: A lot of the times when I create, I think of some person or a moment that is on my mind. A common moment for me to create is when my baby is sleeping, I get a cup of tea and sit in front of my table. I love to see how all the small pieces I have collected start to find their places. I like to make things beautiful and colorful. I think it gives us a lot of energy.

If your’re interested in Ananas accessories, feel free to contact Anna-Stina via:

ananas helsinki
ananas helsinki
ananas helsinki


  1. Sofie Bele19/06/2010

    Underbara fina Anna-Stina! Vilka fina grejjer du gör!