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Dawid Tomaszewski is a label that stands for femineity and womenswear with the clear intention to adorn women. Dawid is not influenced by the common trends that surround him. He creates his own world, where he transforms his thoughts and experiences into collections. His career began in 2008 when he took part in the tv show “The Next Fashion Talent”. Today, the Poland born designer lives and works in his own studio in Berlin.

In an interview, Dawid told me about his career – and what he intends to express with his work.

david tomaszewski
david tomaszewski
david tomaszewski
david tomaszewski
david tomaszewski

Sarah: How did you continue after “The Next Fashion Talent”? Did you have any experience before that?
Dawid: My participation was a coincidence. I graduated one and a half years before the show and published smaller collections and series. The Next Fashion Talent was one further step to push my career. I always looked for new things to do and found them in this show, as well as in other competitions such as Designer for Tomorrow. Last year, I entirely focused on my job as Rei Kawakubo’s assistant designer at Comme des Garçons. I wanted to gather new, professional experiences. I was with her all the time, I practically was her right hand, cared for the collections and played my part in everything. Of course, Comme des Garçons is an entirely different style.

Sarah: How did the experience at Comme des Garçons help your career? How did you experience your time there?
Dawid: Comme des Garçons was really inspiring and a great experience. Especially working in a big team and not being able to always make my own decisions. I depended on others. I had a lot of responsibility, also in creative questions. But a lot of my duties were completed by others. And I had the chance to see everything from an entirely different perspective. The experimental, vanguard way of working truly impressed me.
That December, I went back to Berlin. Meanwhile, I had an interview for the December 2009 issue of German Vogue, and later I parted from the wonderful team at Comme des Garçons, which was a tough but important step.

Sarah: So you founded your label after that?
Dawid: The label Dawid Tomaszewski had been existing for a few years already, but it was my time at Comme des Garçons that gave me the confidence to know that I could make it. I wanted to make my own vision come true. You have to work hard on yourself and your collections to reach your goals. And I think, I’m close to that.

Sarah: Since when has fashion been a part of your life?
Dawid: Since I was six years old. My mother told me that I never wanted to wear what she bought me. I was very willful and only accepted clothes that I really liked. Fashion is my life, and I play my part in this world. It is a feeling and a way of life that you just have inside yourself, and it’s not a decision I made. Everthing just happened.

Sarah: In your career, have there ever been moments when you thought you might not reach your goals?
Dawid: If I ever doubted reaching my goals, those were only brief moments. The most important thing is to believe in yourself and be true to yourself. My friends help me with that. And now, I am at a point where I am sure that there is a market niche for me, and I want to prove that I fit right in there.

Sarah: Is there any influence by current trends in your collections?
Dawid: I don’t follow trends. That has always been my motto. I know what I want and I have my own vision. Women are feminine and they always will be. They are gorgeous beings, and I want to robe them with my clothes. I adore the poetry of the female body, its charisma and grace.

Sarah: What is your inspiration, where do your ideas come from?
Dawid: My greatest inspiration is art. But also things like archtitectural motifs, exhibitions, the current Bauhaus style, music and my life, they all play their part and belong to my main sources of inspiration. My Winter collection 2010/2011 was inspired by the artist Anish Kapoor, whose exhibition I visited in London. I also like to write and travel. Without travelling, I can’t even imagine any creative work at all. If you always stay within a certain surrounding, that stops or lessens your creativity.

Sarah: How was your life when you were studying?
Dawid: I studied in London, Berlin and Warsaw. And one semester in Pozen (Poland). When I went to London, I was just 19. I just wanted to get out into the world and see something new. My parents feared for me, but they always supported me. At that time, I earned my money as a model. I went to school every day, and every day brought along new interesting challenges. I had attended a secondary school with English as the main language, but still, British English was a challenge. I met great people, saw a lot of things and grew personally. But after two semesters of studying there, I got bored. London is very inspiring, but you really have to be interested in that city to enjoy it.

Sarah: How about your free time? Do you ever really relax?
Dawid: Actually, my life and my work have become one. I always think about my work. There is no real free time. Ideas don’t come at certain times. When they come, they come. You just have to catch the right moment. And I love to catch moments while I travel, so that they can grow to become ideas in my studio.

Sarah: When do you feel entirely free and happy?
Dawid: Right now!

Sarah: How much have you developed from the beginning of your career until today?
Dawid: The process of change is an every day issue for me. I notice that I change permanently, I learn new things and I am affected by new things. My character has always stayed the same, but I kept learning. It is a wonderful process, and I hope it will never end.

Sarah: What is your vision for the future?
Dawid: My goal is to make people feel my passion for fashion and to put them under the spell of Dawid Tomaszewski. Berlin is my stage and I want to help making it an equivalent to New York, London and Paris, in terms of fashion. It will not be looked down upon anymore in the world of fashion. For fashion, Berlin is a world-class destination, even though it speaks a new language. To learn that language, you have to give people some time.
Sarah: Danke schön!

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