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When I started working for the concept store Fitting Forward, the Swiss fashion label Peter Müller instantly attracted my attention. Peter Müller consists of Cornelia Peter and Nicole Müller. After their graduation at the HGK Basel in 2005, they founded their own fashion label.

For Cornelia Peter and Nicole Müller, it is important that the people who are wearing their clothes really enjoy them every day. They develop their clothes in a dynamic design process and produce small batches. Impressions and observations of everyday life are their main source of inspiration. Peter Müller wants to create seasonally independent life companions.

In doing so, Cornelia Peter and Nicole Müller put much emphasis on handling their fabrics. They treat the fabrics with washings, dyeing techniques and serigraphy. That way, they give their clothes a very unique look. In general, the designers are using natural materials which are changing independently in the course of time. Peter Müller pieces are self-developing and taking part in the life of their wearers.