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Yesterday, we talked about JAK graduate Nelson Abulencia and presented some photos of his work. We also think that his illustrations are great, so we’ve put together a selection of our favorites and asked Nelson to write down a few words about his approach.

“In my illustrations, I concentrated a lot on faces lately. A face is like a window to our soul, an invitation to a theatre play, and the eyes are the stage where everything takes place.
The model’s mimic shines towards me, and I try to outline it with a focused view and to catch it with the pen. Right when the pen slides over the face, I am extremely concentrated and all by myself. My surrounding fades away, I try to out as much feeling as possible into the lines.
It’s a special and crucial moment for my drawings, because a picture can only become great through appreciating the intimacy that my model shows me for a short time.”

If you are interested in the illustrations just mail to:


  1. Streak Hue Fall04/02/2011

    This is some inspiring work.
    Love the final results.

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