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30 year old Mattijs van Bergen, born in the Eastern part of the Netherlands, studied at the ArtEZ arts college in Arnhem and at the renowned Central Saint Martins College in London. Today, he works as a designer and has already been honored by highly respected magazines such as British Vogue and L’Officiel Paris.

With his collection, Mattijs shows a strong sense for aesthetic feminine clothing, sometimes in quite striking, flashy colors. After having presented collections in Paris and London, he now showed his AW10 collection at the Amsterdam International Fashion Week.

Why did you decide to become a designer? Have you always known that fashion would be your future?
I just enjoy designing clothes for women. I was always convinced to be a creative person, however that could have meant anything. I would also enjoy designing longer-lasting things, like interior design objects. But for now I enjoy working with fabrics – the movements the cause around the body in a piece of clothing.

What does fashion mean to you and how do you feel about the fact that a lot of people have the opinion that the fashion industry is shallow?
Fashion is just fashion, and that’s a good thing. I believe that the idea of a shallow fashion industry is a matter of different perspectives. Fashion has always existed, and it is more than ever an artistic challenge to separate it from the mainstream you see on the streets these days.

What inspires you the most for your collections? What gives you ideas? And do you attend other designers’ shows?
I get ideas from everywhere. I go to museums, or the library, where it is quiet enough to immerse myself in pieces of art or photography. In Paris and London, where I showed my collection during the fashion weeks, it was very interesting and pleasant to see what other designers think and how they create their clothes.

Fashion blogs are a big thing at the moment. What do you think about this new kind of fashion journalism?
In my opinion, fashion blogs are a new medium with lots of potential of developing into something with much more profoundness. Right now, things are still quite transient, but because everything moves so quickly, I am curious to see the upcoming changes in this field.

How do you see yourself?
I am a creative, calm and happy person.

What should new people in this business know or pay attention to?
I think it is good to talk to friends as soon as problems occur, and to look for a solution together.

So far, you have experienced many interesting things in your career. Has there been a year that you would want to live through again? Or any projects that you did not finish and that you would want to put into practice?
After highschool, I took a year to travel to Brazil and just do what I wanted every day. I hope to be able to live like that again sometime.

I am full of ideas. Time will show which ones I will be able to put into practice.

matthijs van bergen
matthijs van bergen
matthijs van bergen