Behind the scenes: LOUR Fashion

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lour fashion

The art of taking a few meters of fabric, a lot of seams and a vision and turning them into something that people would spend their lives in, always seemed fascinating to her. That is why Zuhra wanted to become a fashion designer. And even before she started studying, her fashion came to life on a specially created blog. Her fashion called LOUR Fashion.

In her various activities, I have supported Zuhra several times on my blog Moshtahri , and now she invited me to take a look behind the scenes of the shooting for her new collection.

When I entered the photo studio, a dark haired girl with a shy smile came to me: „I’m glad you could come. Please excuse the chaos. One of our models cancelled at the last minute, and now we have to improvise a little.”

lour fashion

The student is used to having to improvise. With little budget and few contacts, she founded her label. Instead of a boutique, she launched a blog. But her blog is different to other blogs, because what she tries to show there is a lot more than the common publishing of outfits. What she presents there is the result of hard work and late, sleepless nights. A dream coming true.

The collection that you are shooting today is described as a shirt collection on your blog. What is special about it?
Men’s shirts are often thought of as being unbelievably boring clothes. They appear to be formal and dull. In my collection, I took their gracelessness away and gave them a dreamy appeal by working with lace and rhinestones. This shirt collection is an adequate reflection of my philosophy of life: You should always see beauty in everything. Because even if a shirt is quite boring, it still has a unique color and pattern. The classic blue men’s shirt is quite an icon.

A collection based upon a philosophy of life, that’s admirable. But how does a womenswear designer think of working with men’s shirts?
When my father rearranged the contents of his cupboard, several piles of old shirts were the result. He had so many shirts, and they all looked alike. They had no value to him. I wanted to change that.

Do you have a target audience or any style you follow?
No, and I never will. I don’t create commercial fashion, I have no target audience that I create my work for, and also I have no definite style to follow. I do what I like.

How do you organize your projects, with little experience and basic capital, all at the young age of 21?
In LOUR, I invest a lot more than I earn back. That’s why I cannot work with pros or let somebody work for me. But there is a good side to that, because there are enough beginners in the same situation. I work with them in test shootings. I always look for young photographers, make-up artists and models who are interested in a collaboration.

Are you waiting to be discovered, or do you prefer to walk your own ways?
I wait to be discovered and I also enjoy trying to become successful by myself. Of course it would be great to reach the top right away without any obstacles. But you cannot wait for discovery. If nobody is in sight to discover you, you have to take matters into your own hands.

How and where can your fashion be purchased?
Well, I don’t have an online shop or anything similar yet. But I am working on a website at the moment. Currently, it is possible to buy my clothes by sending me an email. I will send prices upon request, and all clothes are unique pieces, embroidered by hand.

What is coming up for LOUR?
Currently, I am working on clothes for my first show that I am organizing in cooperation with a dance school. Ohh, I have planned so much, but that has to remain a secret for now…

lour fashion
lour fashion
lour fashion
lour fashion