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minna palmqvist
minna palmqvist

Soft, light, sensuous – unusual shapes in pale rose, cream or white are what Minna Palmqvist creates in her design project „Intimately Social“. For her sculptural clothing, the fashion artist uses very special materials in light pastel shades. She loves soft and inviting materials that feel like they are almost one with the body. She favors wool jersey, lyocell and leather. Also, she loves really soft nappa, but finds it critcal from an ethical point of view.

minna palmqvist

The native born Finn lives and works in Stockholm. After her bachelor’s degree at Novia in Finland, she finished her master’s degree at Konstfack, College of Arts, Craft and Design in Stockholm in 2007. Since then, Minna has been expressing her very own, extraordinary view on fashion design in her project „Intimately Social“. From time to time, she publishes collection variations under the overall collection concept. By doing so, she lets her independent work-in-progress project grow. Her garments are non-seasonal. Her current variation is called „Intimately Social 4.09“. Just like all the variations of her project, Minna creates fashion pieces which play with the naturally, intimate body and the socially acceptable body. In her light feminine looks, she experiments with the natural shape of a woman’s body, with fashion as a concept and fashion as an everyday appearance.

Soft materials are draped to exceptionally beautiful clothes with very special silhouettes. She deals with the gap between fashion and arts, and the lines between fashion and arts blur. Minna wishes to cause discussions and ambivalent feelings among people seeing her garments.

My creations are my therapy. They are my way of figuring out what I am doing in the fashion business, and how I can use my ambivalent feelings towards it. I build and drape shapes that I want to give more space in the fashion world.

Have a look at the wonderful collection movie Intimately Social 4.09.

minna palmqvist
minna palmqvist



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  2. Vivi01/06/2010

    Where can I buy these?

  3. tobias01/06/2010

    Hey, through http://www.minnapalmqvist.com/ you will find contact information and there should be a list of shops, too!