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This year’s presentation of senior thesis projects by AMD Hamburg students took place on February 27th in a former heating power plant in Hammerbrook, Hamburg. Along with the Puls.10 Graduate Fashion Show “Privacy”, the AMD Graduate Exhibition 2010 displayed the thesis projects of all study courses the AMD Hamburg offers.

The students of room concept and design presented their projects in architecture models, while the fashion- and design-managers displayed their creative results in thesis booklets. Photo series and articles could be seen in the exhibition of the fashion journalists.

In the same building, the Graduate Fashion Show took place, where 40 models presented 17 thesis collections. The location was impressive through its industrial, plain atmosphere and extremely high ceilings.
Unlike most other shows, Puls.10 lasted for one and a half hours. Not only because of the high number of collections, but also thanks to the three runways that gave the audience a lot of time to take a close look.

As before, the „Fresenius New Talent Award“ was the night’s highlight. The winners are Bentje Graumann with her collection „White Rabbit’s Dress Habits“ and Natalja Hirsekorn with „Gegenlicht“ (back light). Alice in Wonderland was the source of inspiration for „White Rabbit’s Dress Habits“. The clock symbol can be found throughout the entire collection, which is characterized by a fairytale-inspired, dark mood. For her collection „Gegenlicht“, Natalja Hirsekorn made her models enter the runway in total darkness. Tiny lights were integrated in the clothes and shaped their silhouettes in the dark. The second part of her presentation showed the entire collection with the lighs turned back on.
One show, 200 outfits, one exhibition and tons of great impressions.

1 GEGENLICHT /// Natalja Hirsekorn
2 wirrklich /// Hanna Marie Galke
3 CROSS-LINK 12°S 52°W /// Inken Kunert
4 C’est ca /// Daniela Pollehn
5 Sein, Werden /// Mel Fuhl
6 Wanderrush /// Lea Oneko
7-8 White rabbit’s dress habits /// Bentje Graumann

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