In the mood for summer

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Everything is a bit dull at the moment – the weather, everybody’s mood… and constantly thinking about autumn/winter in fashion does not help a lot to escape that mood, either.

That’s why we were happy to find lots of sunshiny photos in the portfolio of Andrea Fleischer – just a small peak into what she does, but perfect for starting to look forward to those sunnier months to come.

Andrea Fleischer is 26, lives in Kassel and is a designer by conviction. She does not limit herself to one specific area, but loves layout, illustration and graphic design – and photography. “Ever since I was a little kid, I have been holding a camera in my hands and tried to capture everyone and everything on 35mm: School trips, vacations, family, friends, just every single memory.”

Her photography became more professional about ten years ago, when she got her first SLR and went to live in Sweden for a while. “Soon, the employees at the local photo store knew me, because I went there quite often”, Andrea remembers. After all the landscapes, snow and elks, Andrea knew that she would continue to get into photography, and that her main focus would be on people.

A focus that Andrea loves to bring to live through fashion photography, preferably in outdoor shootings in a natural surrounding, a little dreamy and romantic.

„I shoot my photos spontaneously, when the moment is right. I don’t look out for locations before… when I’m at some nice place with my friends, I’ll just take the camera, seize the moment, give some instructions and release the shutter… And voilà, I have created another personal life memory. :)”

In the future, Andrea wants to combine fashion photography and illustration more often. She will continue working as a theatre intern until summer, and besides work on personal projects, for example as a web designer for Artischocki.

And what’s next? “I will graduate in the winter semester, then go outside of Germany to collaborate on some projects with friends, and after that, I’ll see what comes next… I don’t plan that far in advance, and half a year can change so much…”

01-05 Kristin and Uli
Area of Grimma/Leipzig, May 2009

06-10 Livia
Warnemünde, August 2009

andrea fleischer
andrea fleischer
andrea fleischer
andrea fleischer
andrea fleischer
andrea fleischer