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We have to admit we’ve been focussing on Scandinavia a lot lately, and because of all the wonderful fashion coming from there, we can’t even promise we won’t do it again…

But today it’s time to take a look at the opposite side of the planet to find young designers who make their way into the fashion industry. We found two of them in Bendigo, Australia. Meet Kosi Kosi.

kosi kosi

Kosi Kosi is the label of Kane Barri (23) and Kyle McDonald (22). They both don’t have typical fashion backgrounds, but have always been sharing a huge passion for design in general. Kane has a multimedia background and decided to focus on fashion after realising that being a web designer stunted his growth as a designer: “it was all too much code, not enough creativity for me”.

So when Kane was 20, he just started the label, and a year and a half later, Kyle joined. Their inspiration does not come from a specific source, but asked about influences, Kane and Kyle say they admire the work of various designers in different fields: Trimapee, Alpha 60, graphic artist Jonathan Zawada and generally the people that surround them in their lives.

The vision for Kosi Kosi? “Not to focus too much on a vision!”. Kane and Kyle aim to get to a point where people respect their designs and styles. “We don’t have any huge aspirations to be the next biggest fashion designers of the world, but we are quite content working our way up the ranks and enjoying ourselves along the way”, says Kane.

Last December, Kosi Kosi opened their flagship store ‘The Meadow’ in Bendigo, and stores all around Australia stock their creations.

‘For Always, Forever’ is the new AW10 collection by Kosi Kosi. All collections and more info: kosikosiclothing.com

kosi kosi
kosi kosi
kosi kosi
kosi kosi


  1. Robert01/03/2010

    Love these photos.

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