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It’s a FÆBRIC tradition to publish new stuff on a Sunday. And what we have for you today is not just new stuff, it’s big news.

The all new FÆBRIC mag!

Instead of taking a winter break, we changed the mag to be more flexible and ready for all the stories people send us.

Here’s an overview of what’s new.

German language version
Ja, it’s new: the language version Deutsch

No more publishing dates
From now on, stories are published when they’re done, not at a special publishing date.

New design
Find stories quickly or just browse through everything in our newly designed pages – a big thanks to Robert!

More writers, more contents
During winter, we found new great writers from all across the planet.

You all are FÆBRIC. So please comment what you see and help improving the mag!

We hope you enjoy the new FÆBRIC mag! To stay in touch and to be informed about new stories, follow us on Twitter or Facebook!

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  1. marcel15/02/2010

    Ick freu mir!

  2. Marcel15/02/2010

    Na dann viel Erfolg!

  3. Hector02/03/2010

    Lekker, viel Glück!