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2009 seems to be her year: Veronika Winsi, head designer and founder of Weave-Fashion. After studying fashion design at the AMD Munich, she now made her biggest dream come true: the dream of designing and producing her first collection. Weave Fashion is a label with styles and cuts of hoodies, jeans, board shorts, t-shirts and more, sold at select retailers and starting in 2010, also through their online shop.
Veronika knew that her way would be going towards the fashion industry when she was 16, watching her first fashion show at the “Meisterschule für Mode” in Munich. Whenever she went shopping, Veronika thought about how the clothes she saw could be even better, and she developed the urge to create something unique and independent herself. The name for her label, as well as the logo, came to Veronika’s mind long before she really founded her label. With “Weave”, she wants to set focus on core values, materials, quality and constant improvement.

Asked about her biggest strength, Veronika says to be able to really focus on what she does – and get it done quickly. Her biggest weakness: “my good faith in people, a tendency that can have its disadvantages, especially during production”. She finds her inspiration where a lot of designers seem to find it: Everywhere. “But the best ideas come during sports, on vacation and on parties”, she adds.

Good advice for young people with label founding ambitions? Veronika has some:
Dynamics – You need to really want it and make your way with true dedication.
People – Create a network and gather experience in many departments, like design, production, sales etc.
Access to Cash – Unfortunately, money is really necessary to start, and it depends on your ambitions and ideas how much you need.

Check out Veronika’s Label: Weave Fashion