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How do you study fashion and run your own label at the same time? Julia Danckwerth decided to walk this way.

You’re a student of fashion design, and you also run your own label, Artischocki. What came first?
Me and a friend started designing bags when I was 16 – just for fun at first. When we tried to sell our bags, we soon realized that our home town Cottbus was not the right market. So on a trip to Berlin, we took three bags along and showed them to some great stores there. And: they liked them a lot. In 2003, we founded the label Artischocki, three years before I started studying.

Did you always know that fashion will be your way and that you would go to school for it?
Not at all. Creating bags and clothes was always about the work and the fun, never about a career. But when more and more people and friends told me how much potential they saw, I started to think about studying fashion design.

Do you use your school projects in your label and vice versa?
No, I keep them separated. What I do at school is more independent, free and not focused on how to sell it, while the collections for my label are of course created to be worn – and sold.

Any advice for people who think about starting a label?
There are piles of work to be done at all times, and you will need a lot of patience and stamina. At most times, creating a collection is a sheer handcraft and not exciting or glamorous at all. You’ll have to sacrifice free time and fun with friends and work on your label instead.

What’s the biggest DO and DON’T of it?
DO your paperwork, as hard as it may be in the beginning. And DON’T get angry about bureaucracy, but try to embrace every experience.

Thank you!

Artischocki produces unique pieces only, and the collections are available in select stores in Berlin.

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