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henrik vibskov

In this quick interview of 9 questions, Lara talks to Henrik Vibskov about how he became a designer, his new collection and the largest Bodum in the Western world.

How and why did you become a designer?
It all happened accidently, I fancied this girl, who wanted to go to CSM and I was just bragging about that I was going there as well. I forgot about it for some weeks, but then I met her again and she asked “so when are you moving to London?” and I just went straight home, prepared a file over night, flew to London on the last day of application – and got in.

Had you been interested in fashion before?
I was into music and such when I was young… I was fascinated by the whole “identitet and atmosfaere” thing in the music scene, and fashion craftsmanship appeared later. It’s a good umbrella, where I can fit all my interests, music, fine arts, performance.

What does fashion mean to you?
It doesn’t make me sleepless.

Can you tell me about your new collection?
The new collection is called the Solar Donkey experiment and it’s one of the very few collections, where I worked with a story. The thought of communicating and analogue communication is also very present in the concept of the installation and presentation of the collection. We used umbrellas because the communication aspect is more old school, like fire or smoke rings on top of a mountain. That’s the donkey part, the slowness, the analogue. It almost looks like we’re trying to communicate with the rest of the world with some kind of mechanical mobile installation.

Where do you find inspiration?
Basically people around me, I just walk the streets and see this and this and that.

Do you have any advice for young fashion designers?
It might sound neo-romantic, but you have to stay true to yourself. As a designer, you have to produce so crazy many things, and it only works if you listen to your heart.

Your favorite fashion designer?
I sell some of them in my shops… in Oslo and CPH.

You cannot live without?
Coffee. I own the largest Bodum of the Western world.

Henrik Vibskov in 5 years?
Wrinkly in Fiji islands, eating a lot of carrots and smoking some m…..f…… cigars.

Thank you!

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