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If you ever find yourself wondering what the hell to do in life after school, college or whatever your situation is, it may help to take a close look at what you’re doing right now. Dominic Nagel (27) did just that and made his final thesis project come to life after college: Amon Clothing, a t-shirt label that combines design with sustainability.

The basic idea: Treating a mass product like an adequate, valuable piece of clothing and produce it in an eco-friendly manner.

For his final thesis in visual communication, Dominic decided to invent a label that would set the focus on design, quality and material. The process starts with a careful selection of materials, suppliers and service providers, in order to guarantee a sustainable use of resources. Products out of the surrounding regions are preferred for the shirts to avoid long distance deliveries.

How much work was it to launch Amon Clothing?
A lot more than I thought. After I decided to take the thesis project and really make it happen, the first thing was to deal with a mass of bureaucratic things you usually never hear of. But they need to be done, like it or not.

Any advice for people who also think about starting a label?
No matter what your plan or vision is: you have to truly believe in it and be passionate at all times to face all the challenges along the way.

Thank you!

Find out more about eco-friendly production and Dominic’s current collection on

amon clothing
amon clothing
amon clothing
amon clothing
amon clothing


  1. nwmd19/02/2010

    teilweise ganz schön newwork lastig.. naja!