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The world we live in is not an objectively existing reality. All humans have their own way of perceiving the world.

We don’t see things, but the idea we have of them; an illusion of reality. In everyday life, we assume that everybody sees the world as we do. This is why it irritates us to know that some people have their own way of perception, experiencing a different kind of normality.

People with Synaesthesia.

Synaesthesia means to feel simultaneously. Stimulating one sense can lead to multiple feelings. For example, seeing the colors of spoken words or feeling the touch of a taste.

For non-synaesthetes, this irritation seems impossible to imagine. The uncontrollable, irritating perceptions, the felt structures and the visual, colorful moments, they all inspired my work. The goal was to design an individual, informal and expressive look for all occasions. It is a collection for urban, independent people with a sense for design and aesthetics.

An outer reflection of the inner self.