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skilpadden copenhagen

Skildpadden, or “The Turtle” in English, is one of the must visit places in Copenhagen. It is one of really few restaurants that offer you to build your own sandwich from scratch. It opened 15 years ago in a nice and quiet area, often called the Latin Quarter.

I introduced myself as an editor for a new fashion student’s magazine and the waitress offered me a coffee right away with a big smile. I got the feeling that this was a warm and a comfortable place.
I asked her about the concept of the place and she explained how you build your own sandwich: “The idea is that in comfortable and quite surroundings, you can build your own sandwich from scratch in your own tempo.”

skilpadden copenhagen

You can choose between 4-5 types of bread, varying from spinach bread to regular fibre rich bread. Then you get to choose one type of meat topping and one type of cheese topping: “We have a big assortment of Italian and Spanish sausages; from typical salami to pastrami, serrano and many types of chilli and garlic sausages.”

And she adds: “You can choose one type of meat and we also have big variety of cheese, like mozzarella, emmentaler, brie, blue cheese and piccolino. We also have humus, so if you don’t eat meat you can choose 2 kinds of cheese or 1 type of cheese and humus.”

Right after the waitress has sliced cheese and sausage you take your bread to a fantastic salad bar, where you can choose between all the regular toppings like salads, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and also other toppings that are a bit more advanced and professional.

skilpadden copenhagen

Up to 100 types of sauces and a variety of homemade dressings. Everything is allowed, it’s your sandwich and you can design it the way you want to.

The price is very low in contrast to other restaurants in central Copenhagen. One sandwich costs 69 DKK and 59 for students (€ 8) and a ½ litre of beer only costs 22 DKK (€ 3) between 16:00 and 21:30.

Skildpadden is open 7 days a week till 21.30 and is a great place to drop by to get a glass of beer after work, play backgammon or ludo – just relaxing after a hard day – or to dine out in a comfortable, warm and last but not least: a cheap restaurant.

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