Explosion // Clash

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Explosion // Clash is the first collaborative photo project of the two Berlin based junior designers Janosch Mallwitz and Daniela Struwe. FÆBRIC took a look at their backgrounds and current collections.

Janosch Mallwitz: Explosion

Before graduating in fashion design at the UDK Berlin next year, Janosch Mallwitz started his internship semester at Raf Simons in Antwerp this September. He presented his collection “Explosion” on this year’s Berlin Fashion Week. As in all of his work, Janosch breaks apart silhouettes and bodies in his pieces, while the main features remain visible. On one hand, the basic silhouette of the collection seems square, uptight and gentlemen-like with its 50’s style details. On the other hand, there is subliminal movement of the surfaces through prints and patterns, making the collection rather flashy and egocentric.

Daniela Struwe: Clash

This is the first womenswear collection by Daniela Struwe, also presented on this year’s Berlin Fashion Week: Clash. The color concept is based on a large variety of prints and tints, while the silhouettes create a subtle interplay of clinging and floating feminine cuts.