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Whatever you crave for, you’ll find it here… and even more!
I am amazed by the unbelievably huge amount of different things whenever I visit Clothes as well as accessories and vintage things tend to draw my attention to them at least every second day. Etsy is like a treasure box for any fashion lover. As you wouldn’t quite guess in the first place, it’s basically – as they say – a “place to buy & sell everything handmade”.

Handmade in this case doesn’t mean, that you can buy little Justin’s first drawing or little Sarah’s putty animals. It’s rather a platform for everyone who has a talent or a great idea and who wants to share it with others – for a little money.

One of the greatest shops is definitely iheartnorwegianwood. Here you can find everything from fringes to printed leggings, elastic harnesses and cage skirts.

Quite avant-garde clothes and accessories can be found at ArtLab. Despite the quite high prices, you’ll still find lots to look at and maybe one or another inspiration for your next DIY project.

Lots of “I love”-accessories can be found at Hoogs. Multiple necklaces, fringes all over and lots more. Don’t you love it already?!

Hopefully this little shop-get-together inspired you. Maybe you should go on and try to find your own way through the Etsy-world. It’ll be worth it!