René Gurskov


Rene Gurskov

Fall 09/10
In our search of exciting people, we ended up in St. Marys Mead.
The home town of Jane Marple.
Jane is always surrounded by the most eccentric people—all dressed in a certain country style deluxe.
The outdoor look of the (English) country—the Wellingtons, the cardigans, the morning jacket and the queens own foulard, and the sequins of an old duchess.

Rene Gurskov

A certain nostalgia of those days—but still modern in attitude and manners.
Bad manners, mud, horses, a place in parliament, a teddy bear as best friend and of course excesses at night.
Sebastian Flyte of Brideshead revisted.

A tee shirt is supposed to be worn wet.

All this spoken with voice of Helen Mirren.

Rene Gurskov
Rene Gurskov

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