Lisa Stefans

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Lisa Stefans is a 22 years old, Icelandic fashion designer, who just graduated from Margrethe-Skolen in Copenhagen. She lived in Hamburg, Germany until she was 13, in Iceland until she was 20 and then moved to Copenhagen to experience the world of fashion. Old cartoons and horror movies inspired her graduation project, which she calls “A jolly nightmare”.

“The collection is a mixture of two opposites; the bright, colorful and funny side of old cartoons blended with the raw, dark and edgy details of horror films.
It is a feminin but edgy style, an interesting contrast between colors and fabrics. Glamourous but at the same time flexible clothes that appeals to the lifestyle of the independent, artistic woman. The woman that is aware of the latest trends but likes the fact that fashion can be fun and loves to dress to draw attention. A strong, unique look, which is not in every regular wardrobe.”