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Great blogs by people with passion for exceptional fashion.
Facehunter, Satorialist, Hel-looks… They regularly update their pages with the most amazing pictures of individual and edgy-looking fashion lovers. But what blogs exist besides the very famous ones? There must be more guys and girls out there with an eye for the little something or who have a neat sense of styling themselves.

A short dive into the deep, deep ocean of the blogging world…

Fashion Bits and Bobs

This is a blog by Pascal Grob from Zurich – and he has it all: His own great looks and an eye for the people around him. Women and men can both easily find inspiration in this one-of-a-kind guy.

When did you start being interested in fashion?
I’ve admired people on the internet and on the streets, who dressed very well, for quite a while already before I started developing an own interest in fashion last December. I actually can’t really tell either where that interest came from all of a sudden.

How important did blogging get for you?
I’m actually already blogging for quite a while now. Many blogs are a big source of inspiration to me and that’s why I’ve always wanted to contribute something as well. My first big passion was photography, so that’s why I decided to create a photo blog in the beginning. I shared pictures of my life and photographs of random people, mostly street photography. As my interest in fashion grew bigger, I decided to create a fashion blog. The blog has become very important to me, since I’m noticing that many people actually like it. Also, the blog exactly reflects my passions.

What are your future plans? Are you going to choose an occupation that deals with fashion?
Of course, I’m going to carry on with my blog. I’m currently still registered as an economics student at the university of Zurich, but I’m in the middle of searching something else to do, since economics doesn’t really appeal to me anymore. I’d love to combine my passion for photography with fashion, so fashion photographer would obviously be a dream. So far, I haven’t made any exact plans on what I want to do next. I’m probably going to apply at some fashion and art school abroad. An internship at an interesting place in the fashion environment would be great too though.

Who are your favorite fashion designers? What makes them so outstanding?
I adore Acne, because they’re creating (mostly) simple and timeless clothes with a little twist. Although they’re simple, they somehow look effortlessly stylish. I can combine them with other pieces without any problems, because they’re not dominating the whole outfit.
Otherwise, I was quite impressed by Lanvin’s men’s collection FW09, since it was more or less exactly my kind of style. Unfortunately, Lanvin isn’t exactly in my budget as a student. I guess you could say that Acne and Lanvin are my favorites, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like other designers. I’m generally looking at everyone’s collection since I often find something I like.

Fashion Bits and Bobs

Cats & Dogs

English student Ricky from Germany started her blog in December 2008. And already she is being followed by a remarkable amount of people. Her style is great and the pictures taken beautifully.

What is your attitude towards fashion? Would you call yourself a “fashion victim”?
To me so called “fashion victim” are those, who follow every trend and update their closet according to that. But it’s different with me.

Most of the times I think like “man, I would love to own a pair of sequin leggings but they don’t sell it anywhere except of in some expensive boutique in britain maybe” and half a year or a year later, they sell them everywhere. It’s pretty weird…
I don’t really like the term “fashion victim” anyway… No one likes to be referred to as a victim. And no, I never buy more than I can afford.

Did something change in your life since you started blogging?
No, nothing has changed in my life. Most times I work with my Laptop anyway, so posting a thread or something like that never takes up a lot of time. I met a few wonderful people through blogging, that’s true. And finding yourself printed in high gloss, A4 size in some fashion magazine is always funny, interesting and nice.

If you had the chance to move to another city tomorrow, which one would it be?
London is definitely my favorite city, not only for the fashion. But if you come from a small town like Hannover, where you’re always being eyed at, if you don’t wear jeans, sneakers and a cardigan, you can only experience real freedom in the big cities. But yeah, London is great.

Do you have an inspiration? And if so, what inspires you?
Everything inspires me. The other day two strawberries that were grown as one fascinated me. So I designed a dress that had a similar interesting shape. Other fashion blogs inspire me as well, websites like Lookbook or Chictopia. Fabricmarkets are real sources of inspiration and music, too. And poems, and Art Nouveau. And so on…

Cats & Dogs

Sea of shoes

You should also check out 17-year old Jane Alridge’s outstanding blog. She has already been featured in America’s Teen Vogue and owns some of the most exclusive pair of shoes the world has to offer. Unfortunately Jane is currently on vacation in Tokyo with her mother, so she was unable to answer any questions. Enjoy anyway!

Sea of Shoes

Childhood flames

“Nothing of me is original.
I am the combined effort of everybody I’ve ever known.” Chuck Palahnuik

This is the quote Camille uses to describe herself. And even if it might be true, her blog shows a very unique personality.

Where are you from and what’s best about your hometown?
I’m from Portland, OR. It’s such a gorgeous city and the atmosphere is really low – key and mellow – I love it here.

Regarding fashion – Who do you think the world can’t live without?
Paolo Melim Andersson. I absolutely adored his work for Chloé and was so sad when he was ousted. I hope he starts his own line or gets picked up by one of the fashion houses.

What is you favorite piece of clothing and why?
My Junya Watanabe batwing sweater. It’s cozy and also so visually interesting with its asymmetric details – just an incredible piece.

What do you like about blogging?
It a great way to share you interests while also connecting with other amazing people around the world.

Childhood flames


Despite her young age, this girl clearly knows how to dress herself. For all German readers – check out Frida’s blog!

You have a great sense of style. Do your friends think so too? Are you some sort of idol or advisor sometimes?
Thanks. Yes and no. Fabian always asks me what to wear :) But since most of my friends are boys, I’m not really an idol to them.

Where does your interest in fashion come from?
I don’t know… My mom really takes care of not looking like an idiot. So maybe that’s why.

What do you want to become? Do you have any ideas?
That’s a tough one. I’m pretty indecisive…

Who is your style icon?
I don’t really have one. That would probably be a mixture of many different people.


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