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on october 3rd 2009, the german unification day is celebrated. 20 years ago, the wall came down that had separated the country for 40 years. A separation not only politically and ideologically, but also with effects on society and culture. politics affected society in all areas of life, like family, life style and labour. still today, our structures of everyday life are being influenced. not exclusively by politics, but primarily by corporate groups and lobbyists. the standardisation of society in former eastern germany and the monotonisation of the world in today’s social structures is the substance of my thesis. with this project, i won’t change the situation of egalitarianism. i would however like to protest and encourage reflection and discussions, instead of talking consumers into shopping.

Henriette-Friederike Herm


with my collection, i tell a part of a story. the story of egalitarianism in former eastern germany, of the falling wall and of hopes, and also of the exciting phenomenon of monotony in the world today.
this collection is meant to be a mirror in front of the face, displaying the past and present. i would like to show the awful wave of sameness that gives everbody the same things, the same coat to wear, the same book to read and the same conversations to have.

Henriette-Friederike Herm
Henriette-Friederike Herm