A label that loves to make mistakes

Lotta Meyer

Vom Kindheitstraum zu großen Plänen

Camilo Alvarez

Clean and urban avant-garde from Colombia

Just added

FÆBRIC joins the Vice Content Network

Camilla Wellton

A peak into Camilla’s latest creations


Laden- und Labelgründer Yves Hanke über seinen Weg in die Selbstständigkeit

Chloe Despos

An incredibly talented young fashion illustrator from Chicago

Shlomit Migay – Jewellery Photoshoot

A beautiful new project by make-up & hair artist and stylist Shlomit


INGRI:DAHL herald a new era of 3D glasses

Pájaro Limón

Two sisters from Colombia have many addicted to their designs

Irina Heemann

A Basel Institute of Fashion Design graduate and her knitwear collection




Minimalist and fragile design from Berlin

Mimi Vert

Many career opportunities, one dream

Paco Park

Marianne and her adorable jacket collection for girls and boys

Rhian Owen

Graduation Collection

Erika Hokanson

A fashion photographer with a passion for vintage themes

ATEM – Contemporary Timelessness

Bags to fit all circumstances


Sustainable and individual sneakers made in Brazil

Mies Nobis

Jewellery inspired by the remains of animals

Oded Arama

Oded Arama: designer with a passion for shoes

Birth of a bird

A free photo series by Daily Snow

Theresa Brar

Jewellery from Indian inspiration and a creative mind

Hien Le

Interview with a young guy from Berlin who finally does what he does best: Designing

Vincent Licari: Hometown Couture

Big Fashion, Small City

Stefan Köll – Free Work

A collaborative photo project

Lara Knutson

Jewellery, ceramics, furniture, fabric, carpet, lighting: Lara Knutson has many design talents


Can’t get enough ‘stache? Young designer Mathias Lempart has plenty of beards and shares them in his first collection.

ANT Magazine

Created, produced and designed by students of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute

Living in a shop

Mira Schröder tells us why and how she lives in the new Bless Shop Berlin.

Jennifer Dyer

A girl with a clear view on her fashion-future

Tanja Kari

Tanja Kari is a pensive young fashion designer dealing with all the in-betweens in life

Noon by Noor

Two young designers from Bahrain who design by combining traditional and modern aspects

Sandra Backlund

This Swedish designer combines sculpural 3D design and knitwear

Jagger Edge

Fashionable gadget accessories from L. A.

Natalia Weimann

A young label founder about well-designed plus size fashion

Natalie Charlotte Turner

Wannabe designer, stylist – and blogger with a lot of dreams

Alisha Trimble

A San Francisco Art Institute graduate and her avant-garde AW 11/12 collection

Olaf and Andreas print your own patterns

Frederik Garcia

Traditionally hand printed t-shirts from Barcelona